Do and don`t

  1.  Do the Parikrama only if you are “really” interested and determined. It is very difficult to walk more than 20 km in one day. We saw one lady faint on the journey.
  2.  Forget this endeavor if the weather is hot and humid . Moreover there are long stretches without food or water. Try to walk in night in summers.
  3.  A safer and more comfortable alternative, you can do it by car or auto-rickshaw and they are both acceptable.
  4. Best, head to the Radha Damodhar temple in Vrindavan and do 4 parikramas of the temple and you have completed one Parkirama of the Govardhan hill.
  5. There are little or no washroom facilities along the way.
  6. You need to look-out for monkeys. Probably this is one reason why pilgrims carry a long stick or pole with them. It helps to offer support too.
  7.  Do not do the Parikrama alone. Take at least one companion for support or other emergencies.
    Govardhan Hill is a small mound today, hardly even noticeable. Our Iskcon Bhramachari guide informed us that a curse is making it sink into the ground every year and so one day it is going to be legend. Near one of the Kunds there is also a shrine and footprints where Krishna is believed to have actually stood and lifted the hill. Along the Parikarama route there are several holy places like the Radha Kund, Manasi Ganga and Kusum Sarovar where the water is so holy it was actually recommended to just sprinkle a few drops on the heads of pilgrims. Instead you’ll find people indulge in every thing they need to do with water literally desecrating the places. Unless you are young and able bodied and determined to do the Parikrama, I wouldn’t recommend it and never do it in hot and humid weather conditions.